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Matt Sydal talks getting the “RKO Outta Nowhere” sensation started

There are a few people who have experienced a ton in the wonderful world of pro wrestling and Matt Sydal is certainly one of them. But before he was known as Sydal, WWE loyalists might have known him as Evan Bourne.

Evan fought hard to bring the concept of “Air Bourne” to the WWE Universe whenever he stepped in the ring. His signature top rope shooting star press was a beautiful thing but on one night while he faced Randy Orton something special happened in the ring.

Randy popped up to hit an “RKO Outta Nowhere” and Matt Sydal recently spoke to Sportskeeda about how special this spot was.

“The hardest thing to do in wrestling is that every time you show up, there’s just a ring with three ropes, turnbuckles on each side, it’s extremely hard to do something to surprise and shock the fans” Sydal recalled.

“So, I can’t tell you the mentality behind the stuff, because that’s thousands of hours manifested into one moment, maybe in the shower or driving down the road that the idea comes and the genius strikes and sometimes, it happens moments before you go to the ring.”

“I’m glad I got to do the spot with Randy Orton because we started a sensation called ‘Outta Nowhere’ and people love it when that happens. However, I do hate taking a belly flop on the shooter, it is really painful and yeah, it’s a sore spot but I’m glad people enjoy it. Once the art is made, it’s up to the fans to enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

Randy Orton might have gotten his signature phrase started anyway. But it all began with one unexpected spot against a guy known as Evan Bourne back in the day. But of course, it was painful because how else should it feel when Randy Orton plucks you out of the air to drive your body through the mat?

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