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Mick Foley gives high praise to Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks on ESPN, Seth Rollins news



- WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently gave high praise to Kevin Owens on his Facebook page. According to Foley, Owens is on his short-list for WWE MVP for this year. He posted this:


Kevin Owens is on my short-list for ‪#‎WWE‬ MVP for 2016. He not only turns in great performances with regularity, and his ‪#‎Battleground‬ match withSami Zayn is a ‪#‎MOTY‬ contender - but he makes the very most out of every situation he is in; backstage interviews, television commentary, interacting with other Superstars. His new teaming with Chris Jericho could be gold, if given the time. All this coming from a guy who wasn't supposed to have the right "look" to be a #WWE superstar...something I know a little bit about.

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- WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks will be on "Off The Top Rope" this Wednesday night on ESPN SportsCenter. Jonathan Coachman announced the news on Twitter:

“Thrilled to help with countdown to Summerslam. Wed off the top rope we will have the boss @SashaBanksWWE on for first time.9p @SportsCenter.”

- Seth Rollins took to Twitter to hype his Universal Title match with Finn Balor at Sunday’s SummerSlam PPV event:

“Crazy to think SS is only a week away. Made history last year, and plan on doing it again this year. The universe is mine for the taking.”