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More details on Ric Flair’s health issues (updated)

Here is the latest update on Ric Flair. He is still in critical condition at a hospital in Atlanta.

Dave Meltzer, a long-time close friend of Ric Flair, spoke to one of his family members and was able to get more details on the situation.

Basically, when Flair was admitted to the hospital on Friday night, the feeling was that things were not that serious even though he was in a lot of abdominal pain. He was in the Intensive Care Unit from the start and things got worse over a 24 hour period and he was eventually put in a medically induced coma.

Flair had a significant blockage in his bowels which led to him having to get surgery on Monday to alleviate the blockage. Gene Okerlund, another long-time Flair friend, mistakenly said that he had surgery on his colon so that is why it was initially reported as colon surgery.

The bowel surgery led to other issues including his kidneys shutting down and there was a chance that he would not survive the surgery. Thankfully, he did survive but the situation is still very serious and he is currently on kidney dialysis. Doctors are hoping to get his kidneys functioning. Also, there was another issue, an infection, that was not previously diagnosed.

Meltzer noted that Flair’s family was called to the hospital and they are just waiting to see if his condition improves. If he can fight off the infection then doctors can work on taking care of the other medical issues.

We hope to have more news on Flair soon and once it becomes available then we will post an update.

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