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More details on the brutal fight between ex-WWE star Brian Christopher and ex-TNA star Chase Stevens



There are more details out on the brutal and bloody altercation between Brian Christopher (son of Jerry "The King" Lawler) and former TNA wrestler (one-half of The Naturals tag team) Chase Stevens. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that, according to the affidavit, Christopher was intoxicated as he entered the hotel lobby and he had several injuries described as "swelling all over, an approximate 2-inch laceration to his right brow, orbital eye socket discoloration to both eyes, bleeding from the nose, abrasions and noticeable front tooth dental injuries."

Stevens told police that Christopher caused problems at a nightclub earlier and he refused to go to sleep on the floor of the hotel room. Stevens admitted to punching Christopher but he says that it was in self defense. Police noted that "There was visible blood stains on the carpet floor, a small amount of blood smears on the wall and a small amount blood spatter on the sheets. The trash can inside the room had blood and tissue in it as well."

Christopher claimed that he was attacked for no reason and he was very confused. Christopher admitted to police that he was intoxicated on alcohol and he said that he is on several prescription drugs. Christopher's issues with substance abuse have been known among people in wrestling for years.

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Christopher also told police that Stevens believed that he was making a move on Stevens' girlfriend although Christopher says that was not the case at all. Pro Wrestling Sheet also reports that Christopher was hospitalized and released from the hospital several days later. Stevens was arrested on battery charges.

The beating was so bad that there was concern for Christopher from his friends. It's not pretty and he looked unrecognizable but you can click here if you want to see the photo of Christopher that was taken at the hotel immediately after the fight.

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