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More on the Raw After SummerSlam beach ball fiasco



When WWE holds a big event the people who come for the main show often stick around for the following night's festivities. The night after SummerSlam 2017 was no exception as a rambunctious Raw crowd filled the Barclays Center.

There was an instance of the famous beach balls making a reappearance. These types of antics are the kind of thing WWE doesn't normally show on television but in this situation, it kind of made it difficult because even the most passive observer would notice the crowd's attention was on something other than the match. After all, there were more people chanting "we want beach ball" than responding to the match in the ring.

In an odd move, WWE decided to show the crowd while a security guard pulled a beach ball down and took it away. This brought tons of boos but even more grimaces at home for those who realized what kind of eventual ramifications might fall in place with WWE setting this kind of precedent for beach ball shenanigans.

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Dave Meltzer noted showing the beach ball on Raw wasn't a good move either on Wrestling Observer Radio. "[I thought] oh my god this is something WCW would do. They're not thinking on their feet, they're not thinking to the future -- anyway that was what happened yester was only exacerbated by ten today" he remarked.

As previously reported SmackDown head writer Road Dogg also had a strong opinion of the beach ball situation and wasn't shy about his stance on the issue either. If WWE isn't careful, acknowledging this type of disruptive audience participation might not turn out too well as some consider it hijacking the show.

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