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More on The Revival's request to be released by WWE



There are some more details on The Revival in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

By now, everyone knows that they asked for their release almost two weeks ago after their match on Monday Night Raw. Dave Meltzer reports that their contracts are not up until April 2020.

They asked for their release because they are really serious about doing the best work possible but the feeling is that they can't do that in WWE where tag teams are not treated seriously. WWE has told wrestlers that they will be putting more focus on tag team wrestling.

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Don't expect The Revival to go anywhere because of their contract situation but they would be free to go to All Elite Wrestling in 2020.

It should be noted that their trademarked "FTR," which stands for "Forever The Revival" so they can use that when they leave WWE.

The way has booked them recently suggests that they are turning The Revival babyface. It will be interesting to see if WWE sticks with the plan to put more focus on the tag team division or if this is something that will be dropped in a few months.