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More WWE releases expected soon



Bryan Alvarez is reporting that more WWE releases are expected soon.

Alvarez said the following on Wrestling Observer Live: "WWE is on another firing spree. You'll hear more about it soon. At this moment I know that people are getting fired in NXT."

Alvarez added, "it appears to be mostly office by the way, at this point. This could change but right now it seems to be office people."

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Scotty 2 Hotty told Chris Van Vliet this week that seeing so many of his friends release took a toll on him and let to him asking for his release in November.

He said, "It was over the last couple of months. Once the pandemic happened and all the releases started happening, I think the releases took a big toll on me. When I became a coach, I had no idea how much I would love that job, and those guys are then like your children. You create these relationships with people, and you see them get released, and you find out with everyone else when they come up on Twitter. My buddy in Nashville texted me, ‘Oh, the releases are happening again.’ So then I jump on Twitter and I see somebody released that was in my class that I just saw three hours before. That’s how I’m finding out, and dude, this is not cool.”

We'll post updates when we hear about who was released. (NOTE: Click here for the updated list of names released today).

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