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New co-host announced for Blue Meanie’s “Mind of the Meanie” podcast

Mind of the Meanie

Mind of the Meanie

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For release: January 2, 2022

A new era begins for the podcast "Mind of the Meanie", as Foundation Radio host Adam Barnard becomes the new co-host of the show beginning January 3, 2022. Barnard takes over for previous co-host, FITE TV correspondent and host of So Says Shernoff, Josh Shernoff. Shernoff has co-hosted the program with ECW Original and former WWE Superstar The Blue Meanie since it began in late March 2020.

“My time as the host of Mind of the Meanie was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in the wrestling business,” says Josh Shernoff. “I was able to work with a wrestling legend and a Philly wrestling legend at that, in The Blue Meanie. I loved my time helping to create an incredible community in the POD Squad. As difficult as the decision was to leave Mind of the Meanie, was as easy as the decision was to leave it in Adam Barnard’s hands. With my increased responsibilities with FITE TV, it became impossible to give MOTM the attention it deserved. After working with Adam once, I knew he was the guy to take my spot, and after a few test runs and seeing his chemistry with Meanie, I felt really comfortable and excited for the future of Mind of the Meanie.”

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Josh Shernoff

“I had no idea that by reaching out to Josh Shernoff on Twitter to have him on Foundation Radio, it would lead me to an opportunity to step into Mind Of The Meanie as the new co-host”, says Adam Barnard. “What an incredible and exciting time this is for all three of us. I was incredibly grateful for the 'tag in' host opportunities that Josh entrusted me with. I found an immediate dynamic and organic chemistry with The Blue Meanie, which has created a natural fit for us on our episodes together. 2021 was an absolutely fantastic year for me professionally and personally, and what better way to kick off 2022 than to usher in a new era on Mind Of The Meanie. I’m honored and excited to begin this journey with Meanie, grateful for the acceptance of the POD Squad to take the reins from Josh, and look forward with anticipation to some exciting times ahead of us.”

Adam Barnard and The Blue Meanie - clip from an episode Barnard filled in for Shernoff in September 2021, regarding CM Punk's tweet to Adam and Josh.

“For years I've been told I should do a podcast and I always put it off because it had to be the right situation with the right person,” said The Blue Meanie in a statement. “Someone who I knew I could trust. Through a series of interactions and interviews with Josh Shernoff, I came to the realization that Josh was the right person to help me do what others have suggested I do and ‘Mind of The Meanie’ was born. Over the course of our 90 plus episodes together, Josh and I grew a brand and a community of like-minded folks, our PODSquad. Through that time, Josh was also presented with opportunities with FITE TV that as anyone in this field would be crazy not to jump at the chance. As someone who has had to make shifts in his own career for advancement, I couldn't in good conscience try and hold Josh back. As the thought of Josh moving on came to be a reality Josh did the ultimate show of class and suggested Adam Barnard to me as someone who he worked with, respected and admired. We did a few trial runs with Adam, and I immediately saw what Josh had seen. Adam has the same energy and spirit Josh brought to the ‘Mind Of The Meanie’ podcast and I can say I'm excited to see what the next chapter of the show holds as Adam brings his perspective to the brand. I thank you Josh for the time, effort and equity you poured into what we did. For you protecting the value of what we did for suggesting Adam. I thank you Adam for accepting the baton of tour guide in the ‘Mind Of The Meanie’ Josh has handed you. Thank YOU to our PODSquad for being accepting and understanding of it all and showing you support and loyalty to us. There is an ocean of content of podcasts and yet you choose us. We are nothing without you, and I could not be doing this without the hard work of Josh Shernoff and Adam Barnard.”

New episodes of Mind of the Meanie, hosted by The Blue Meanie and Adam Barnard, release every Monday morning at 6am, anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts. Their full archive can be found at

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