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New stable coming to WWE SmackDown Live?



Earlier today, it was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE officials have been considering turning Andrade babyface and having him team with Rey Mysterio.

PWInsider is reporting that there's been talk of putting a stable together with Andrade and Mysterio being joined by Sin Cara when he returns from knee surgery. Cara has been working out at the Performance Center so he could be back in action soon.

Meltzer noted that there's been talk of Andrade becoming their future Hispanic babyface star. This is something they've wanted for years ever since Eddie Guerrero pulled in high numbers for his segments. Vince McMahon had this idea for Alberto Del Rio but things never worked out as they had hoped.

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If Andrade becomes a top babyface on SmackDown Live then it will be done with some help from Mysterio who will be used to help give him the rub.

At this point, there is no word on what Zelina Vega's status is. She is a great heel but they typically don't pair babyface teams/stables with managers so it will be interesting to see what her role will be.