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Top WWE SmackDown Live star could be turning babyface soon

For years, WWE has been looking for a new Latin American babyface. This dates back to when they would pull in big ratings for Eddie Guerrero’s segments on SmackDown.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Andrade may end up as WWE’s new project to be the babyface star for the future. At least that is the school of thought in the company right now.

If they keep him happy then that can open doors for WWE to sign other young stars. It was reported in the Observer last week that Andrade had been warning friends about signing with WWE because working there is not all that it’s cracked up to be. He may feel differently if they can keep him happy.

Nothing is set in stone, but the direction appears to be to have Andrade and Rey Mysterio to end their feud so they can become a babyface tag team with Andrade getting the rub from Mysterio. This would also help strengthen the tag team division.

It’s no secret that All Elite Wrestling plans on creating a serious tag team division and WWE recently told wrestlers that they plan on putting more focus on the tag teams which is why you are seeing more focus put on The Revival and why Zack Ryder is back on TV to team with Curt Hawkins.

The Observer also noted that The New Day are friends with The Young Bucks and both teams have wanted to work together for years. That is yet another reason why it makes sense to strengthen the tag team division on both brands to keep everyone happy and hopefully keep them from considering AEW as an option when their contracts expire.

If Andrade turns face and teams with Mysterio then you have to wonder what this means for Zelina Vega. She is an excellent heel and seems better suited to be a manager instead of a full-time wrestler.

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