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News on what to expect on the first three episodes of Total Divas, season 8

WWE / E! Network

WWE / E! Network

Total Divas returns on Sunday, September 19 on the E! Network. Here are the plotlines for the first three episodes of Season 8, courtesy of

Season 8, Episode 1: "Good Girls Don't Make History"

Nicole, Brie, Trinity, Paige, Nattie, Nia and Lana take over New Orleans for an epic WrestleMania with a historic number of women's matches; Nia prepares for the match of her lifetime; Paige takes the women on a wild tour of New Orleans.

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Season 8, Episode 2: "This Is My House"

WrestleMania 34 starts with a bang as the Bellas support and watch Trinity, Nattie and Lana compete in the first Women's Battle Royal; Nia's anxiety goes into overdrive before her championship match; Paige comes to terms with her retirement.

Season 8, Episode 3: "The Real Nicole"

Nicole escapes to Palm Springs with Brie to gain clarity and focus on her independence; Nattie has a humiliating wardrobe malfunction just as she starts a storyline with Ronda Rousey; Jon attempts to fix Trinity's sweet tooth but fails miserably.