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Nia Jax buries Emma in relentless online comeback



You never want to upset Nia Jax or step on her toes and that's exactly what Emma did. WWE's first Australian female Superstar stuck her nose in Nia Jax's business when The Girl Who's Not Like Most Girls simply wanted her shot at Alexa Bliss' Raw Women's Championship. By the time the dust had settled Emma and Nia found themselves in a fatal four-way at No Mercy.

This is not an ideal situation for Nia Jax and she can't be too happy about it. After all, it's much easier to win a singles match than one where you have to worry about three other people.

Emma stole the pin on Raw when she made a blind tag and covered Sasha Banks to get the win. Now Emma is saying Nia Jax should be thanking her because now she's getting a match she doesn't deserve. Then she promised to become the new Raw Women's Champion at No Mercy.

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Nia Jax obviously got this message from Emma but didn't let it get to her too much because she was able to come up with a pretty good comeback. Jax responded by saying Emma should "thank Vince for the 6 month vignette push you had but never capitalized on."

That was quite a come back and if it's any sign of what we should expect at No Mercy, we're in for a real treat.

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