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Nia Jax has an interesting reaction to WWE's handling of the situation with Velveteen Dream



Nia Jax gave her 2 cents on Instagram in response to Triple H's interview with CBS Sports.

The @dailyaccolade Instagram account posted some of the quotes from the interview where Triple H says Dream was out of action since June because of a car accident and not because of the allegations that he sent inappropriate texts and photos to minors.

According to Triple H, WWE looked into the accusations and nothing was found. He said, "You look into them the best you can, and you find out what is there and what isn't. In this situation, [Dream] was also involved in a car accident. That's what took him off TV. In the moment, all this other stuff happens and you look into it and you find that there is a situation that people bring to everyone's attention, you look into it and find that it is what it is and there's nothing there."

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Jax commented under the Instagram post with clown emoji's. It was not made clear if she was referencing the accusers as clowns or if she was talking about Dream. It is worth noting that there is a lot of heat among wrestlers in the company who feel that Dream is getting preferential treatment. Click here for more on the stories of heat on the Velveteen Dream.

Check out Nia Jax's Instagram comment below.