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NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff results: live coverage

NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff
August 31, 2019
Cardiff International Arena
Cardiff, Wales

We are live with coverage of NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

Travis Banks vs. Noam Dar

Awesome opener with lots of back and forth action and near falls. Dar got the win after hitting the standing Shining Wizard.

Cesaro vs. Ilja Draganov

This was an impromptu match and it was a great one. Cesaro gave him a lot of offense. Cesaro won by pinning him after hitting the neutralizer. They shook hands and hugged after the match.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship – Triple Threat Match
Zack Gibson and James Drake vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang)

This match was wild. Late in the match, there was a cool looking Shooting Star Press from the top rope on to everyone at ringside. Andrews hit the Stundog Millionaire on Gibson and Morgan followed up with a senton splash on Gibson’s back for a very close near fall. Seconds later, Gibson hit the Helter Skelter and the 450 splash and almost pinned Andrews for another very close near fall. In the final seconds, Andrews hit StunDong Millionaire on Drake and Webster would have had the pin after hitting the 450 but the referee was pulled out of the ring before the 3-count. Andrews was finally able to get the win for his team after hitting a shooting star press on Gibson’s back as Gibson was trying to pin Morgan. There was so much to follow in this fantastic match. Everyone should check it out. Awesome awesome match.

Last Man Standing Match
Dave Mastiff vs. Joe Coffey

Early in the match, Coffey was thrown into a turnbuckle and he hit so hard that the turnbuckle broke off so there was no top rope. Coffey tried a move off the second rope but he slipped. They brought weapons into the match. Later on, they fought in the crowd with chairs in their hands. Mastiff hit a rolling senton onto Coffey on the announcers table and it didn’t break. Mastiff delivered a headbutt onto Coffey and that ended up causing them to crash through a regular wooden table. They used crates to get up on their feet but Mastiff was counted out because Coffey kicked out a crate from under his arms. This was a flat ending and fans didn’t like it. The match was fine, nothing close to the other matches so far on this show.

Tegan Nox was shown at ringside.

NXT UK Women’s Championship
Toni Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray

This was good but not as great as the first two matches. Late in the match, Ray dove onto Storm at ringside and it was a nasty landing with Ray almost landing on her head. Ray won the NXT UK Women’s Championship after hitting the Gory bomb. The announcers hinted that Storm was not quite herself because she had to wrestle her former best friend.

WWE United Kingdom Championship
WALTER vs. Tyler Bate

There was a huge pop in the first few minutes of the match when Bate bodyslammed WALTER and then followed up by knocking him out of the ring. Late in the match, there was a massive reaction from the crowd when Bate was able to suplex WALTER. Bate almost pinned WALTER after countering a powerbomb into a sunset flip and that promoted “this is wrestling” chants from the fans. Bate hit a t-bone suplex off the top for another near fall. Later on they exchanged chops but Bate caught WALTER with a stiff punch but WALTER fell on Bate’s back so Bate was unable to attempt a pin. Bate was also able to hit the Burning Hammer but he was slow to get to him and that was enough time for WALTER to roll out of the ring. Bate also hit a suplex into a bridge but WALTER kicked out at 2. Bate hit the Tiger Driver 97 but WALTER kicked out again. Bate hit a corkscrew off the top but WALTER kicked out..again. Bate landed several punches to the body and head but WALTER fought back with chops and kicks. WALTER locked a chokehold but Bate made his way up to his feet with WALTER on his back. Bate dropped to his back to break out of it but WALTER locked in the hold again. Bate got to the ropes but WALTER eventually locked in the hold again and delivered an overhead suplex onto Bate onto the ring apron. WALTER splashed Bate off the top and then went for the pin but Bate kicked out. Incredible. Another overhead suplex from WALTER but Bate kicked out again. WALTER hit a powerbomb but Bate kicked out at the count of 1. Fans erupted. WALTER hit a lariat and then pinned Bate to retain the title. This match was freaking fantastic.

WALTER was greeted by Imperium on the stage. Bate got a loud ovation from the fans after WALTER made his way backstage. Bate was joined in the ring by Pete Dunne and Trent Seven.


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