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PHOTO: Bray Wyatt shows off his new chest tattoo



Bray Wyatt has new ink. As seen in the photo below, he showed off the new tattoo on his chest and it looks like he got more ink on his arms as well. We're told that the chest tattoo was added a couple of months ago but he hasn't shown it off until this weekend.

As previously noted, Wyatt wrestled as a babyface this weekend during matches with Kevin Owens. Similar to the show in Tallahassee, he was a total babyface at the show in Daytona and he took time to shake hands with fans and to take selfies at ringside.

It's not clear if babyface Wyatt is a new creative direction or if they are just experimenting at non-televised events like they did when they had Rusev wrestle as a babyface a few months ago. They also tried out Tye Dillinger as a heel on a show a few months ago.

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Last week on Raw, it looked like Wyatt and Matt Hardy were heels when they attacked The B-Team after their match. We'll see if this new babyface Wyatt shows up on Raw tomorrow night.