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Possible main event for WWE Hell In A Cell



Hell In A Cell is creeping up now that The Biggest Party Of The Summer has concluded. On the last episode of SmackDown Live Shinsuke Nakamura looked as though he wasn't quite finished with Jinder Mahal when he laid out The Modern Day Maharaja with a Kinshasa. He had previously taken out the Singh Brothers too which was fun to watch.

It was recently noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how it seemed weird after the Nakamura segment because they don't really have anyone else for Jinder Mahal to face. Bryan Alvarez noted how the announcers were acting like one of these days Nakamura will get another shot at Jinder Mahal.

"That's because their next pay-per-view isn't until October 8th so there's no point in rushing it," Dave Meltzer pointed out. "But the next pay-per-view is Hell In A Cell so we just had a Punjabi Prison Match, now we're going to have a Hell In A Cell, you know what I mean?"

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WWE might have painted themselves into a corner with such little time separating caged gimmick matches but it could always be fun. Jinder Mahal would have to figure out a new way to sneak the Singh Brothers in though because if they were able to break into a Punjabi Prison, it should be no challenge to do the same in October.

We'll just have to see how this one will turn out but it looks like Shinsuke Nakamura might be vying for Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship once again at Hell In A Cell.

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