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Possible reasons why WWE is holding Payback one week after SummerSlam



Although WWE is holding its SummerSlam event this coming Sunday, the company has already confirmed that they’ll be holding the Payback pay-per-view event just one week later on August 30th.

When the news was revealed, longtime fans had flashbacks to the WWE This Tuesday in Texas event taking place just a few days after the 1991 Survivor Series event. Tuesday Night In Texas didn’t draw well on PPV at the time and WWE hadn’t done the idea again until now.

Dave Meltzer of was asked about it on Twitter, which he responded with noting that it’s an experiment to see whether it will work or not. He also speculated that WWE may have a big angle planned at SummerSlam that would lead to an immediate follow-up at Payback.

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Meltzer wrote, “Just an experiment to see how it works. They must have an idea for a hot angle coming off SummerSlam that they felt needed an immediate follow-up. That or, it was just an idea they are trying.”

Meltzer also responded to a fan bringing up how All Out is on September 5th and this might be WWE trying to burn out fans on wrestling ahead of the next pay-per-view event for the rival promotion:

WWE has only confirmed one match for Payback, which will see Sasha Banks and Bayley defend the Women’s Tag Team Titles against unknown opponents.