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Possible spoiler on the Money In The Bank winner next month; Summerslam main event

WWE already has at least five of the seven Money in the Bank slots filled (internally) as of this past weekend. They will be doing qualifying matches on TV leading up to Money in the Bank. Cesaro is the favorite to win it this year. One interesting note is that Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar is currently not in the plans for Summerslam even though that would be a logical match to make. The original plan called for Cesaro to cash in his Money in the Bank contract immediately and win the title from Brock after Brock won it from Daniel Bryan, according to David Bixenspan in the Figure Four Weekly newsletter. Those plans are off the table right now.

Things could change but the long term plans for Cesaro have been for Cesaro to turn face by turning on Heyman or having Heyman turn on him and then feud with Brock Lesnar.

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