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Randy Orton responds after reports of fan altercation at a gym

Anthony Martin

Anthony Martin

As noted we noted earlier on the site,there was an altercation between Randy Orton and a fan (Anthony Martin) at a gym before the SmackDown live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas this past Monday. Martin said that he was at the gym and noticed that Orton was there training. He went up to Orton and asked to take a photo with him. However, Orton pointed at his headphones and noted that he couldn’t hear Martin. The fan then took a photo of Orton from across the room, which caused Orton to get angry about him taking the photo. That is when Orton allegedly got in his face and yelled at him.

Orton took to Twitter late Tuesday night to respond to the report and noted that he was in the middle of working out and that he can’t take photos between sets. He said that the fan "needs to suck it the F up and go to the gym to train not be a fan boy." Orton noted that he is fine with taking photos once he's done working out. You can see his tweets here:

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