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Reason why Dolph Ziggler was off WWE TV, Big Cass injury update, WWE's first female referee and more



As many of you saw on Smackdown Live, Dolph Ziggler returned and it looks like he will get some sort of character makeover. I'm not exactly sure what they have in mind for him but he will be back in action on Tuesday night. Dave Meltzer reported weeks ago that he was off TV because they wanted to repackage him. Also, during SummerSlam weekend, Ziggler told the media that it was his idea to be taken off TV for a while. While he was not featured on TV, he still wrestled on the live events so his absence had nothing to do with an injury.

Carmella, the real-life girlfriend of Big Cass, posted photos from the hospital before he underwent surgery for his torn ACL. As previously noted on the site, the recovery time from ACL surgery is typically 9 months, which means that he would be back in the spring. That also means that he would have to miss WrestleMania.

WWE did a feature on "the first official female referee" in WWE. Her name is Jessika Carr. Well, she's not really the first female referee because Rita Chatterton was a referee for the company in the 1980's. Carr, real name Jessica Heiser, worked on the indepenent scene as Jessie Kaye and Kennadi Brink before being signed to a WWE contract as a referee.

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