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Lana explains why she left Rusev

It doesn’t look like Rusev and Lana will be getting back together anytime soon. Don’t get it twisted, they’re still happily married. But this article is strictly in the kayfabe sense. They’re both on the same brand which is great for their marriage (and filming Total Divas) but they’ve been separated in the story since Rusev came back from injury and Lana debuted as a wrestler. By the way, if you want to read all about the beginning of Lana’s wrestling career it’s all covered in my new book: Planning The Biggest Party Of The Summer 2017.

They were drafted individually in the WWE Superstar Shake-up as well which should have been a big clue they were breaking up. Lana and Handsome Rusev are still married in real life, they just act like they never see each other on TV. If they ever did cross paths again, given the right circumstances it might be a big pop and could start a babyface turn/push for them as a newly formed team. But for now, Lana is teaching Tamina how to crush while Rusev crushes alone and they’re both still heels.

Lana recently gave a pretty cool and partly kayfabe reason why The Ravishing Russain and The Bulgarian Brute took different paths when they jumped to WWE’s blue brand as she spoke with Al Arabiya English. She also revealed one good reason why Rusev might still need her around.

“One of the reasons why I don’t feel like I need to manage him right now is I feel like I’ve taught him everything I need to teach him, and helped him, and everything, and that’s why I have to go use my amazing ravishing ambition with other women to help bring them to the top. I think I had to help give him the ravishing ambition, and then. …Yeah, it’s more about promos. I think in wrestling and competing, he’s the best. With promos, I have to – we have to – I have to coach him. We have to go through, and I have to say, ‘Ok, let’s go through it like seven more times.’ Because when you have a conversation, and you talk, then when you yell, and scream, it means more. And people listen.”

Lana might have been getting a little bit real with that remark about Rusev’s promo cutting abilities. Although Lana sounds like she had to learn English, it’s her native language and if you’ve seen Total Divas you know what I’m talking about. Rusev has had to start from scratch and this is one of the many reasons why he should be so impressive. But apparently, The Bulgarian Brute still has a little problem with his promos.

Whether they are together or working on their own these two are not only entertaining but really good people. They’re not leaving the company, WWE still has plans for them, so just sit back and enjoy SmackDown Live if you’re a fan of this young wrestling couple. If you hate Rusev and Lana it might be cool to give them another fair chance because it seems like they have some interesting things coming up on Tuesday nights.

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