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Reby Hardy destroys haters, Young Bucks want to buy GFW



Reby Hardy has a lot of people who love her but she also has her fair share of haters. The good thing is she knows exactly what to do with her detractors. She recently went on a little Twitter spree where she not only told off one of her haters but also had a couple nice follow up messages.

After all, copy cat trolling can be an issue and Reby didn't really hold anything back when she wrote: "I can just imagine yall spending your time trying to come up with a "hurtful", "witty" tweet thinking I'm gonna go cry & I'm just like makes me warm inside to think of how STRANGERS so passionately dislike me. So much emotion. So much investment. Like yall really care awww."

You could just head the sarcasm in her words. Reby Hardy never disappoints when it comes to cutting comebacks and this was no exception.

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This all started when one fan wrote to Hardy saying "I can't stand her" and received a rather amusing response from Queen Rebecca.

GFW might be in some financial turmoil right now but if Anthem Sports needs a buyer they might not have to look any further than the guys they used to call Generation Me.

Matt Jackson recently tweeted out an idea that maybe he and his brother Nick should buy GFW. It actually sounds like an interesting idea. He was just kidding, but with the amount of money The Young Bucks make selling their t-shirts they could probably afford it.

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