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Released WWE star rips the company for being lazy and not building new stars

Released WWE star Maria Kanellis took to Twitter to rip on the company for worrying more about a temporary ratings spike instead of building for the future.

Last night’s episode of Raw was meant to spike the ratings but, as history shows, hot shotting can work for a week or two and then the ratings will drop down to normal levels.

Kanellis tweeted, “WWE doesn’t want to build new stars, they want to spike the ratings for a couple weeks to keep the investors/networks happy. What WWE doesn’t seem to get, is ratings improve when people care about the story/stars. Invest in talent, spend the time building stars, stop the laziness.”

She makes a good point and many people in the company feel the same way but the final decisions lie with Vince McMahon so what aired last night, good or bad, falls on him.

Ryback said yesterday on a YouTube live stream that McMahon is worried about making money and he’s worried less about building stars that can breakout like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE may see a temporary ratings bump for last night’s trainwreck show but the story will be what the ratings will look like in the long term and investors may not be happy if the ratings continue to decline.


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