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REPORT: Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW



Former WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has signed with All Elite Wrestling, according to a report from

This news comes on the heels of the news from earlier regarding CM Punk being in talks with the promotion. If both names are signed then it could be a huge game changer in many ways. noted that Bryan is "locked in" and has 100% signed the contract with AEW and the plan is for him to debut on the 9/21/21 show at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City.

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There had been rumors of late of two major names that have signed and those names would be bigger than Andrade El Idolo.

With Brock Lesnar expected to return to WWE and Dave Bautista being retired and busy with movie commitments, the two biggest names available would be Bryan Danielson and CM Punk and Punk is also said to be in talks with AEW.

It should be noted that no one from AEW or Danielson's side have commented on the story.