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Report on what Braun Strowman allegedly said to make Karen Jarrett angry at him



We have an update on the incident that took place in Nashville on 7/17 at Jeff Hardy's CD release party after Monday Night Raw. The incident happened at The Valentine bar in Nashville.

As noted yesterday, while the story might sound hard to believe, it really did happen and there were several wrestlers that saw what went down. Basically, Strowman blew off Karen Jarrett's request to get an autograph for her son. Strowman apparently did not know who she was and was said to be rude to her but changed his tune once Jarrett yelled back at him and threatened to let her son's father (Kurt Angle) know about how Strowman acted. He reportedly apologized and begged her not to say anything and not to tell Kurt Angle. Angle is respected by everyone in the locker room.

The topic came up on the F4W Board and Bryan Alvarez chimed in: "I heard from a first-person witness. It 100% happened."

Dave Meltzer followed up by saying the following:

"Why would I publish something like that if it isn't true?

I mean, what exactly is there to gain from it.

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The two people who told me who were there, neither heard what Braun said to Karen, but both told me the same wording, I wasn't going to publish the words unless the people heard it with their own ears.

The rest they heard."

The Voices Of Wrestling Twitter account confirmed the story and, according to one of their sources, Strowman kneeled to apologize while another source could not confirm that. The phrase that set off Karen Jarrett was when Strowman allegedly said: "fuck your son."

Some of the other names that we confirmed that were at the party were: Matt Hardy, Bayley, Emma, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, James Storm, Bray Wyatt, R-Truth, Konnan, and Rey Mysterio.

Reby Hardy was not there and Mysterio was there because he was in town for contract talks with GFW management.

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