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Rey and Dominik Mysterio had COVID-19 in December



Rey and Dominik Mysterio have publicly come out and revealed that they both had COVID-19.

The father and son were on Start Today with Chris Cavallini where they shared the news. They had it back in December. The former WWE Champion noted that his parents got the virus. Ironically, Rey and his family were taking care of them so they wouldn’t get it. Then the parents passed it to their housekeeper who passed it onto Mysterio’s wife. He spent three days with his wife before flying to Tampa for the December 11th SmackDown TV event, which was also his birthday.

This is when he learned the housekeeper was positive, but he found out before he got to the ThunderDome. They didn’t want to risk passing it even though at the time Rey, his wife, Dominik, and daughter all tested negative. They flew home the following day.

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That night, Mysterio said he and his wife felt "really sick", had a headache and were achy. To be cautious, they stayed away from everyone for two days and got positive test results back on Tuesday. Then, Dominik started to get symptoms on Tuesday and felt sick the following day before he tested positive on Thursday.

The entire household was quarantining from each other including the housekeeper when this happened. Aalayh was the only family member in the house that didn't get the virus so she took care of everyone.

Rey noted that the first several days and final day he had was the worst while dealing with headaches and backache. He didn’t have any other symptoms. He detailed it the experience was a 7 out of 1-10 on a scale of how bad it was. He felt like a really bad flu at times while Dominik said he had a headache, chills, and a body ache, but felt fine otherwise.

The good news is the family has fully recovered since then. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the player below: