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Rey Mysterio drops Payback teaser following SummerSlam



Rey Mysterio is looking forward to the future just hours after the loss that his son suffered at SummerSlam.

At this event, Seth Rollins beat Domnik Mysterio in a Street Fight. The former WWE Champion was at ringside for the contest and even got involved in the contest as he brawled with Rollins and Murphy. Eventually, Rollins and Murphy handcuffed Rey to the second rope as he watched the beating continue.

Although Domnik came close to winning the contest as he hit the 619 to Rollins, his downfall came when he went to the top rope for the frog splash, but Rollins put his knees up and followed up with The Stomp for the win.

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Mysterio took to his Instagram account after the event to comment on the match and dropped an interesting teaser that fans picked up. He noted that he’s looking to get Payback, but did so by using the hashtag for the word.

Following this match, there’s speculation that WWE could book a tag team match that will see Rey team up with his son to take on Murphy and Rollins. With WWE just days away from the Payback pay-per-view event, a match announcement could be made as early as tonight’s Raw, but that's not confirmed.

Mysterio wrote the following:

“Son...... I hope you understand the amount of pride & joy I felt watching you take your first steps in the ring last night. You blew my mind away with your performance, Sky’s the limit, Now let’s get some #Payback !! #LoveYou #LaFamilia #Mom&DadProud #TeAmamosMijo #Orgullo🇲🇽.”