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Rey Mysterio set to feud with returning WWE Superstar soon



You may have noticed lately that several WWE stars that rarely appear on television have popped up on Raw and SmackDown Live in recent weeks. The belief is that WWE wants to keep wrestlers happy because they know that some of them will look at AEW as an option when their contracts expire.

PWInsider is reporting that Sin Cara is set to feud with Rey Mysterio when he returns. It's interesting to see Sin Cara get a high profile feud but not too surprising when you consider that he is one of the wrestlers that has expressed unhappiness at different times during his run with WWE.

If they move forward with Sin Cara vs. Mysterio then that could mean that the feud with Andrade will wrap up soon and it could mean a WrestleMania match for Sin Cara.

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Sin Cara has been out of action since August because he needed to undergo knee surgery. He was just starting a feud with Andrade but it was cut short due to his injury. He has been at the Performance Center in recent weeks to get ready for his return to live events.