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Ric Flair gives a COVID-19 update on wife Wendy Barlow

Ric Flair Wendy Barlow

Last week, it was reported by The New York Post that Ric Flair’s wife Wendy Barlow has COVID-19.

The Post also reported that Flair already has the virus and recently tested positive, but at the time, he denied the claim. It was added that Flair is mostly asymptomatic aside from some coughing while Wendy is very ill.

Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling recently had the legendary pro wrestler on the show where he provided an update on how his wife is doing.

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“She’s doing great, much better. Not 100% but she’s doing much better. It’s been over three weeks now, it was a nightmare. All of a sudden, it just came on her, and of course, you backtrack and figure out where it came from. She was real sick. I had to take her to the hospital twice for IV once and then just to make sure she was okay. You never know. They released her both times after keeping her for a couple of hours. You can’t be careful enough.”

Flair then went on a side story talking about double checking things to make sure everything was okay and having four heart surgeries.

Flair continued, “The house is pretty big, which is nice, and she’s way upstairs. She’s isolated and I don’t think she needs to come downstairs but once just in the last couple of days for the first time. Not down there to see me just down the stairs to the front door and stuff. So even though they say two weeks and this has been three, you just never know, right?”

You can listen to the entire clip by clicking on the player below: