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On the latest "To Be The Man" podcast, Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson talked about the career of Hulk Hogan

Flair also talked about some current wrestling events. Thompson asked Flair what he thinks of Sami Zayn’s performance as part of The Bloodline:

"Well at first, I was very open about it that I didn't even like him being with The Bloodline. I thought he diluted it. But I know in sitting and talking with Booker T, everybody looks at it differently. I was with Booker T in New York at an autograph session and Booker thinks the sun rises and falls on the guy. Looking at Roman and what Bloodline is and how they conduct themselves, I found him bringing way too much comedy to it. But apparently, it's worked. Maybe that's me being old school. But when you got a serious character like The Usos, who I don't even think I have to argue are the best tag team right now in business as heels. Roman is over like nobody else. I didn't like it because the kid is comical. His character is comical."

Flair said he has not been invited to The Rumble

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"I have not been invited to the Rumble. I'm going to San Antonio to sign autographs separately with Fiterman (Sports Group) the day of the Rumble. I was not invited to the Rumble. However, if they want me to put my gear on like a last match.” (he laughs).

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