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Ric Flair says that Goldberg doesn't need five star matches as long as he's drawing money



On the latest episode of "WOOOOO Nation Uncensored" with Ric Flair, Flair discussed his thoughts on Goldberg's WCW arrival, as well as how Ric opened the door to the WWE for him.

“Bill’s look was so awesome and it was just at the right time," Flair said about Goldberg's WCW debut. "He came out, he was different from everybody, his music, his entrance, but the fans were conditioned to know they were going to see something that was action packed with Bill, whether it was 10 seconds or 10 minutes, something big was going to happen.”

Flair then followed up with how he got Goldberg's foot in the door with the WWE saying, "I was kind of involved in that because Vince asked me if I thought Bill could succeed up there and I said most definitely."

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"I don’t think his first run was as good as this last run. He took time off. When he came the last time, Shawn, Hunter, myself, Dave (Batista), the first time, they had a ton of guys to feed Bill. I probably wrestled Bill more times in WWE when I was in my 50s than I did in the ‘90s in WCW. We all fed Bill, but it was a pleasure to do it. Bill was a good guy," Flair said.

"I think he left on not that good of terms the first time, but he came back this time. The guys that made a name for themselves that mean something, 10 years after they’ve been removed and can go back and mean something, those are the guys that are special and the fans should recognize that. Whether they like their work, whether they’re critical of it or not, they deserve it and Bill has made himself worth it every time he’s come back.”

Flair continued, “He drew money. Five star matches mean nothing if you’re not drawing money. We’ve seen a lot of five star matches that don’t draw money.”

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