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Ric Flair shares his thoughts on whether he feels there are too many titles in wrestling



Ric Flair was recently asked on "WOOOOO Nation Uncensored" if he feels there are too many titles in wrestling and if they dilute all titles because of it.

“I think it does dilute it, but let’s look at the world we live in today," Flair began.

"Do you remember the President’s Physical Fitness Council to find out who was the most fit child in high school? They got rid of it because everybody wants to be equal. Instead of being in 3 places, now there are 6 places in wrestling tournaments."

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"Everything is diluted, whether it’s mothers not wanting to see their children upset, but everybody gets a trophy. That’s not what sports are all about, and I think because there’s so much TV, that they have put themselves in a position that they have to create the King and Queen and all of that. But the people that are carrying the weight of the company, I’ll use WWE as an example, would be Becky and Big E as they’re the champions, and it’s Charlotte and Roman Reigns. Everything else is just something that doesn’t diminish who they are, but it’s just something hopefully to attract viewers. TV rolls on, and they know better than you and I do, obviously because they are there, what draws viewers.”

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