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Ric Flair to undergo serious surgery next week



Ric Flair is set to undergo surgery a week from Monday. Flair hopes that this surgery will allow him to get rid of his colostomy bag so he can train again, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Flair has downplayed this surgery as not being as serious as the life-threatening surgery he underwent last August when he was hospitalized.

He is lucky to be alive because it was touch and go last August and his recovery has been remarkable. Flair's kidneys and heart began to fail him after decades of alcohol use and a hardcore lifestyle on the road. Doctors had to remove part of his bowel to clear out an intestinal blockage. They also inserted a pacemaker.

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Flair credited his fiancee Wendy Barlow for saving his life because he figured that he was just dealing with an upset stomach but he is alive today because Barlow urged him to go to the hospital.

We wish Flair the best as he goes in for surgery next week and we'll post updates on him when we get them.