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Roman Reigns apparently has an idea who attacked him on WWE SmackDown Live

The angle that closed out last week’s SmackDown Live has seemingly backfired on WWE because of the fans are mocking how bad it was. Fans have also been mocking Roman Reigns and the official WWE account on Twitter because they have been playing up the “incident” as a forklift accident. WWE has gone on to say that they have not identified who was on the forklift when the stage equipment fell on Reigns.

Reigns has been flooded with comments about the identity of the attacker so, apparently, in his way to acknowledge what has been reported on who attacked him, while staying in line with the storyline, Reigns sent out the following tweet:

“Sometimes you want to believe people can’t do what others say they’re able to…I hear y’all, I really do…I’m gonna find out the truth about this “accident.” #SDLive”

As noted last week, Reigns’ attacker should be revealed in time for Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. Since it’s technically still a spoiler, we won’t name the person here but you can click here if you want to know who was behind the attack at the end of last week’s SmackDown Live.


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