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Roman Reigns declines John Cena's challenge but accepts match with Finn Balor



After a win by Jimmy Uso over Dominik Mysterio, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns walked out to the ring to address John Cena's comments from the opening segment of Friday Night SmackDown.

In the opening segment, Cena issued a challenge to Reigns for SummerSlam but Paul Heyman told him that Reigns would address Cena on his own time.

Reigns said Hollywood put a paint job on Cena but we got a nostalgia act and it's the same old John Cena with the same entrance, same music, same promo, and same insults and if he wanted that then he could have looked online for the 2005 John Cena.

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Reigns declined to accept Cena's challenge but Finn Balor walked out to the ring and he issued his own challenge. Reigns accepted but it was not said if that match will happen at SummerSlam. Most likely, that match will be used to pop a big rating on a future episode of SmackDown.