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Roman Reigns is WWE's new number 1 merchandise seller



Roman Reigns is the new number 1 merchandise seller in WWE. Up until recently, even as a part-time performer, John Cena was the top seller but Reigns has surpassed him. It's no surprise since Cena is only making rare appearances on WWE TV these days.

It might be hard for some people to admit, but the reality is that Reigns is a big star and there's a reason why Vince McMahon refuses to give up on him being the face of the company.

Reigns is well-liked by virtually everyone backstage. He carries himself like a star in and out of the ring and he is someone they can count on to be a professional for all of his media appearances.

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Going forward, Reigns is booked to face Bruan Strowman at the live events so it looks like Reigns vs. Strowman is planned for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, possibly inside the cell.

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