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There has been a rumor making the rounds among some on social media that Vince McMahon might still be running things even though he's not physically present backstage or in company meetings.

That is not the case at all. It should be obvious to anyone who has been watching the shows in the last week or so but apparently, some believe that he still has his hands on the product.

PWInsider reports that McMahon is not invovled in any official capacity beyond owning the majority of the company stock. McMahon legally cannot hire and fire anyone.

PWInsider added that McMahon has not been to WWE Headquarters in Stamford since his resignation after the Wall Street Journal stories about his NDA's to cover up affairs/sexual misconduct with ex-employees/talent. McMahon was recently removed from the internal list of performers and his name was removed from backstage during SummerSlam weekend. There is no longer a room designated as "Vince's Office" backstage. Instead, they have an office for the CEO and for Head of Talent Relations Triple H.

As for the private gym at company headquarters, no one has heard of him going there. Prior to his exit, McMahon was known to work out during the late night hours.

For anyone thinking that McMahon is still running things, keep in mind that if that were to be the case, criminal charges could be brought forward and no one in the company wants that, especially as they try to move away from the negative headlines.

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