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Sami Zayn unloads on Shane McMahon after SmackDown Live

Sami Zayn has a message for Shane McMahon straight out of the pages of a revolutionist handbook. The Yep Movement was cheated on SmackDown Live this week according to The Underdog From The Underground, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

WWE has seen their share of stories involving people trying to buck authority plenty of times before. So Shane McMahon’s current storyline with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn isn’t necessarily anything new out of the box of gimmicks. But you’ve got to admit having KO and SZ vs Shane-O is pretty entertaining and if you add in the X-factor of Daniel Bryan’s allegiance then things could be very interesting.

The Yep Movement has done a pretty good job of retaliating against Shane McMahon, and although the SmackDown Commissioner got a win this week as Zayn took a Kinsasha and an RKO to lose a handicap match there are a couple important things to remember here. The Yep Movement lost therefore, they’re liable to get their win back eventually and it was Sami Zayn, not Kevin Owens taking the pinfall. Shane was able to put a stop to the Yep Movement for one night but Owens, who is the leader of this movement wasn’t the one being pinned.

This could result in something interesting at the Royal Rumble. Either AJ Styles pins Kevin Owens or the Yep Movement really could win and become co-champions. But as Shane McMahon already pointed out on SmackDown this week, “co-champions” don’t exist and that’s why they have Tag Team Champions.

There is another interesting scenario which could play out and it’s an interesting thought as well. Have you ever seen a game show where a team wins and they have to make a decision to share the prize or one person can run away with all the loot? This idea has been used before and the writing on the wall could be to do it again. If Owens turns on Zayn or vice-versa, it could result in a WrestleMania moment featuring the two long-time friends further proving Kevin Steen and El Generico are truly meant to fight forever.

But in the meantime, Sami Zayn will continue to fight against Shane McMahon’s tyranny through thick and thin as the Yep Movement promises to stand tall at the Royal Rumble.

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