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Sean Waltman makes good point about Punjabi Prison, Randy Orton responds



Sean Waltman has been through a lot in the pro wrestling business. He's seen his share of sick bumps and high spots so he knows a thing or two about match presentation.

It turns out the former X-Pac was watching Battleground last night just like the rest of us. During the main event, Waltman observed something quite strange and he pointed it out via Twitter. Sean noticed the Punjabi Prison didn't make much noise when a competitor was thrown against it.

The fact that the bamboo structure doesn't make much noise is actually a much bigger deal than some might think. Not only does noise help with the showmanship of the match to give the audience a better indication of impact, but the louder something is means the less force someone needs to put into a bump off the structure.

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Since the Punjabi Prison Match didn't seem to make much noise to begin with, Jinder and Randy were throwing each other off of it with no real pay-off noise. They could split each other open with the force of how hard they were tossing each other into it and it wouldn't make that much more of a difference because it didn't make a big sound.

Randy Orton tweeted back and succinctly said he agreed with Pac. Note to self: steel makes more noise than bamboo. At least they had plenty of kendo sticks to play with because those are made to generate noise... and pain.

Good point, X-Pac. Hopefully WWE will keep that in mind the next time they do another Punjabi Prison Match in ten years.

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