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Seth Rollins on Eye for an Eye match: "Vince McMahon wasn’t as hands-on as people think that he was"



The Eye for an Eye match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins had mixed reviews. Some people praised the match quality presented by the WWE stars while most were critical of the finish of the match.

Rollins beat Mysterio in the contest at the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view event earlier this month when he pushed Mysterio’s eye into the side of the steel step. They used a fake eye that was briefly seen.

Rollins spoke with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport about the match. Rollins started out by saying that he didn’t expect to be this type of match leading up to it and he was caught off guard and didn’t even really know how to prepare for it.

He recalled watching First Blood matches because that was the only match type that he could understand that was like this type of match that hadn’t been done before in WWE.

“At the end of the day, was it ideal? No. Did it catch people’s attention? Sure. It ended up on TMZ.”

He noted that they accomplished what they needed to do, which was to tell a very interesting story and was able to gain interest from outside of the WWE bubble even though it was a weird finish.

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“If you like the Lake of Reincarnation in AEW but you hate the eye-for-an-eye match… you know what I mean? Then where are we really at here?”

There had been reports about Vince McMahon playing a role in the layout of the match and making the final decision of the match.

“A lot of the time, Vince says ‘here’s what we want to do’ and he gives us the ball and let us figure out how to take it to the end zone.”

He continued by noting that the idea was presented to him and he was against it as it thought it was ridiculous and a bit of a joke. However, as time went on, he thought it would be different and it can be good. Rollins noted that McMahon wasn’t as hands-on as people might think as there were only three people involved in the contest.

“Vince wasn’t as hands-on as people think that he was. If I’m going to break the fourth wall here, so to speak, it was really 99.9% myself, Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble. At the end of the day, you had Vince who made the final call on what the last shot was going to look like and that’s pretty much it.

“There was a couple of versions of what that final shot would look like and we went with the one that we thought made the most sense. It was a joint-decision on everybody’s behalf.”

Rollins added that it was a product that he was pretty proud of and the first time he was able to wrestle Mysterio for an extended period of time, so he was not upset about it one bit.