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Seth Rollins was a victim of theft during recent flight

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Seth Rollins was a victim of theft during recent flight

Seth Rollins knows how to travel and he’s gotten quite good at it. After all, he is one of WWE’s biggest stars so packing to him is probably like second nature at this point.

The Architect also requires a very specific diet to keep his body in the best shape possible. Since Rollins is always on the go, prepped meals are a life-saving device for him. Seth knows how many meals he needs to make a trip and when he had less than expected as he opened his bag after a recent trip Rollins realized something was wrong.

Therefore, you must understand how furious Seth Rollins was to discover that four of his precious prepped meals had been pillaged.

Rollins tweeted out a picture of his open bag full of 9 meals with a caption saying, “when TSA steals your Trifecta System meals. Hope it was good you cowards. Left with 13 and landed with 9.”

This is not a good representation of TSA at all and now Rollins will have to figure out what to eat when he runs out of food. It looks like one hungry airport employee got away with Rollins’ meals but little did they realize he had 2.9 million Twitter followers he could tell about this theft.

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