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Several former WWE Champions to appear on popular game show



If you've never seen Nickelodeon's "Paradise Run" before it's a show which consists of extreme challenges in a kid-friendly environment. Kids climb over obstacles and jump over pools of water and there's always some kind of swinging ropes involved.

It's basically American Gladiators meets Wipe Out for kids. Trust me, there are worse shows on television and it looks like this popular Nick show is going to get a big dose of WWE very soon.

The Usos were already featured in teasers for upcoming episodes but they're only the first of some big names scheduled to be on the show. Naomi, Bayley, Apollo Crews, and Kalisto were all in Hawaii along with The Usos to film upcoming episodes of Paradise Run.

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The shows will air on shows between January 8th and January 12th if you'd like to catch some of that fun.

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