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Shane McMahon was upset about Vince McMahon pulling Seth Rollins out of WWE Royal Rumble match



Dave Meltzer did his weekly appearance on the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast to talk about the big news in wrestling this week. Meltzer recapped what went down with Shane McMahon last weekend at the Royal Rumble and he noted that Shane got mad when Seth Rollins was pulled from the Royal Rumble match. At one point, the idea was for Shane and Seth to interact so they can lay the groundwork down for the WrestleMania feud.

"Vince, he invited him to produce the Royal Rumble this year, like he did last year," Meltzer said about Shane. "But Shane was in it this year and it just turned into a big hassle and ticked a lot of the wrestlers off and at the end of the day, Vince sent him home and he's done. So he was going to be in Wrestlemania against Seth Rollins. He was going to be in the Chamber match. Austin Theory took his spot in the Chamber match. I don't think he was going to win the Chamber match. I don't want to say he wasn't because I don't know for sure. I think the idea was [Shane and Seth] were going to start a feud in the Royal Rumble. They were going to continue it in the Chamber match and build to a big blow off at WrestleMania, and Vince pulled Seth from the Rumble. So Shane got really mad because that was his program and then that's where everything escalated from that point.

Meltzer continued, "So then it was going to be [that] they would shoot the angle at the Chamber. By that point, Vince was just like -- when [Shane] wasn't on TV Monday night I thought something's weird here. I didn't know he was in the Chamber match but I assumed he was at the time, because I knew he was on the show. And I just figured he would be in that match and then later I found out [that] yes, he was in the match and pulled from the match, pulled from Wrestlemania, he's done. And it was like wow. It's a big story for sure. I mean, the whole week, you know, Brock, Ronda and Shane, a lot of big stuff."

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Meltzer also noted how WrestleMania plans for Seth Rollins have changed more than once. Meltzer said, "The Seth thing is weird, because, you know, you got to remember originally, Seth was going to be champion at Mania...and that got switched when Reigns got COVID and they put the title on Brock, you know, so Seth has gotten screwed twice now..he's getting paid the same amount either way."

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