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Some in WWE are concerned about plans for Nation of Domination reboot



As noted earlier this week, WWE is beginning a storyline that is meant to be a reboot of the Nation of Domination. first reported months ago about plans to have MVP lead a stable with Bobby Lashley and others added to the group. The names that were discussed included Shelton Benjamin and Apollo Crews. This week, Benjamin was added and there's been talk of having Crews turn heel as far back as February when he was still on SmackDown.

Dave Meltzer wrote in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Ron Simmons' appearance on Raw this week was supposed to kickstart the angle and they also had plans to bring in Mark Henry as well.

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It's not clear if the NOD reboot is still happening or if it has been dropped because there have been people in the company who have expressed concern about doing this angle because it would be incredibly tone deaf considering what is going on in the country right now. There are a lot of people who want the angle nixed but, of course, it's all up to Vince McMahon. was told that McMahon has been listening a lot to MVP's ideas and he has been receptive to them. We were told that MVP has been getting a ton of praise backstage for what he has done on camera and behind the scenes helping younger talent.