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Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions episode featuring Kevin Nash no longer listed to air today



Fans looking forward to watching the latest episode of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions featuring Kevin Nash will be disappointed.

The episode, which was confirmed by WWE earlier this week, is not listed to air today on Peacock and WWE Network. WWE has pulled it from the WWE Network schedule on

As of this writing, there was no explanation given as to why. WWE even had Austin cut an NWO-style promo a few days ago to promote it.

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This comes after WWE did the same thing with the WWE Icons: Lex Luger documentary as it was slated to air last Sunday, but pulled at the last minute. It’s been reported the reason the Luger documentary didn’t air was due to there not being a strong enough lead-in for it.

WWE presents its Money in the Bank pay-per-view event next Sunday so it’s possible this episode with the former WWE Champion will air.