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The big reveals on last night's Legends House were...

Pat Patterson revealed that he's gay. Most of the people reading this probably know this. Patterson said on last week's episode that the internet knows him better than he knows himself so I think what he was getting at was that while everyone already knew it, he never formally came out of the closet.

Gene Okerlund revealed that his wife saved his life by donating her kidney to him.

Jimmy Hart revealed to everyone that his daughter had passed away a year before.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan revealed that he was involved in a hit and run accident and his car flipped over. He was married to his first wife and she passed away from the injured as she was being transported to the hospital by helicopter.

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Tony Atlas revealed that he was homeless in 1989 and freezing to death when a woman found him and helped him. He ended up marrying that woman.

Howard Finkel talked about being picked on as a kid and proving everyone wrong by becoming sucessful in the wrestling business.

Hillbilly Jim talked about how he grew up with very little and was able to buy his mother a home and car. He was able to do those things for her before he bought those things for himself.