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The mystery behind the Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman relationship to be solved on WWE SmackDown?

Fans may finally get some answers on what exactly led to Paul Heyman aligning himself with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

During an interview with the New York Post to promote SmackDown at Madison Square Garden, Heyman acknowledged that there are questions regarding his relationship with Reigns that have not been answered. Heyman returned to WWE TV last fall a few months after Lesnar’s loss to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. Heyman said that he plans on answering those questions on SmackDown when Brock Lesnar makes his first WWE TV appearance in 18 months.

Heyman told the New York Post: “From the moment I appeared on SmackDown television with Roman Reigns, it was, ‘Oh my God what is Brock Lesnar’s advocate doing with Roman Reigns now?’This is an unanswered question that has to be addressed and no better place to address it than Brock Lesnar’s first appearance on television in 18 months in The World’s Most Famous Arena Madison Square Garden live on television.”

Last November on an episode of WWE Talking Smack, Heyman hinted that he has a troubled relationship with Reigns. During a segment with Kevin Owens, Heyman said, “I’m shaking your hand so I don’t get smacked. I have to carry that message. Please understand, it’s not just business. I have to do it on a personal level as well.”

It is believed that the storyline reason why Heyman is with Reigns is that Heyman was done in wrestling without Lesnar and Heyman had nothing left but it was Reigns who saved him by making the call to bring him back.

In July, just a month before Lesnar’s return at SummerSlam, Heyman updated his Facebook profile photo and it gave the impression that he would be turning on Reigns and going back to Lesnar. Click here to see the cryptic photo.

Last August, Dave Meltzer reported that the real-life reason why WWE wanted Heyman back on TV is that they needed to justify his big contract.

Meltzer said, “I guess the deal with putting them together, other than obviously they feel the need for Roman’s turn to be complete, the other end of it is that Heyman has got such a big contract and it’s kind of like I think that they want to justify the fact that he’s got such a big contract and he’s not doing anything.”

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