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The Revival asked to be released from WWE contracts last week



It looks like The Revival are serious about leaving WWE and it doesn't look like a big money offer is going to keep them in the company.

As reported by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson asked for their release again last week. This would be the second time (that we know of) that they've asked for their release papers. They previously asked to be let go last January.

Alvarez said, "Last week, The Revival asked for their release again. They were not given their release. They desperately want out."

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As previously noted, their issue is not money. Their issue is that they've been unhappy with how they have been used. WWE has offered them money in the high six figures to keep them from leaving as some in the company believe that they will end up in All Elite Wrestling.

Dawson and Wilder recently filed trademarks for #FTR and they are using the same trademark lawyer that handles filings for Cody Rhodes, Conrad Thompson and others associated with AEW.

When word got out last year that they wanted to leave the company, the decision was made to book them in a comedy role. That was dropped and they did get a tag team title run but several weeks ago they were booked to do more comedy.

Earlier today, we wrote about Dawson's cryptic tweet about WWE not seeing the value in tag team wrestling. It seems like there was more behind that tweet than we previously knew.

WWE is unlikely to grant their releases but they will be free to sign with any company shortly after WrestleMania when their contracts expire. Wilder may have a few weeks added to his deal due to time he had to take off due to an injury.