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The Ultimate Deletion was removed from the Hulu version of Raw, Matt Hardy has words for Michael Cole



There is a lot of frustration online amongst fans that watch Monday Night Raw on Hulu. As some of you might know, the Hulu version is a 90-minute condensed version of the show so that means that some matches and segments are not included.

The Hulu version of this week's Raw does not feature The Ultimate Deletion and someone brought it up to Hulu Support. They got the following response:

"Sorry for the disappointment, Shannon! We have the rights to stream a pre-formatted 90-minute special of Raw, and no edits are done on our end. We'll share your feedback with our team."

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So it's clear that it was WWE's decision to cut out the segment. It's baffling because the segment trended on Twitter and it is the most watched segment on WWE's YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy had some words for Michael Cole:

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