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The very latest on The Rock's in-ring status for WrestleMania 32

The Rock..

There has been some speculation that The Rock could be wrestling at WrestleMania. However, the very latest on Rock's situation is that he will not be wrestling on the show because of the same insurance issues regarding the "Baywatch" movie that he will be filming around the time of WrestleMania. This has been known for some time but the latest update is that as of today, he will not be wrestling on the show. It's always possible that something could be worked out but right now, WWE has a WrestleMania card in mind and Rock is not on it.

I can't see them having Rock appear in a talking segment so perhaps they'll do something where Rock gets involved in the main event. Perhaps he'll be allowed to hit the Rock Bottom on someone. This is pure speculation on my part, but if Rock is not given the green light to wrestle then it might not be such a bad idea to turn Roman Reigns heel and then have Rock somehow get involved in the main event as a way to set up Reigns vs. Rock for next year's WrestleMania.

Speaking of the new Baywatch movie, former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly (Barbie Blank) was considered for a role in the movie. I don't know what her status is but model/actress Kelly Rohrbach has been cast for the role of CJ Parker.

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